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Raddampfer Heck mit Schweizer Flagge

The Neuro Music Academy offers advanced training courses ranging from one to three days’ duration. These courses are designed for teachers of instruments, teachers of music classes, and musicians.

To devise and deliver our advanced training packages, the Neuro Music Academy brings neuroscientists alongside practitioners working in the particular area covered by a specific course. Together they work to develop the content of these advanced interdisciplinary courses. In accordance with the principles of the Neuro Music Academy, we place the utmost importance on the physical and mental wellbeing of our students, both as individuals and as a community.

With its superb facilities and outstanding location, the Neuro Campus Hotel Das Morgen is the perfect venue. It is not only a first-class location for focused, intensive work; it is also the ideal setting in which to reflect on the day’s learning and experiences amid a glorious and scenic landscape. Furthermore. the Neuro Campus Hotel Das Morgen offers a superb standard of accommodation.