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Raddampfer Heck

Music Holidays are designed for families, groups and individuals. The Holidays last from three to fourteen days. Everyday life provides very few opportunities for children, parents and grandparents to make music together. The Music Holidays programme offers an ideal environment for family members (and others) to make music in groups. Our Music Holidays focus on relaxation, creativity, the pleasures of community, and exploring musical interests through playing.

The Neuro Music Academy formulates a musical programme for our Music Holidays guests. This programme runs for the entirety of their stay. Guided and led by our musicians, guests make music together in groups in the rooms of the Neuro Music Academy. On various evenings we also arrange expert-led sessions and workshops which address topics related to music and neuroscience. We offer children an alternative programme at those times.

Situated in Vitznau, on the shores of Lake Lucerne and surrounded by mountains, the Neuro Campus Hotel Das Morgen is an idyllic retreat. The hotel offers a diverse range of cuisines and a wide choice of music.