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Vierwaldstättersee mit Floss

Leading academics and expert practitioners gather periodically in Vitznau for the Neuro Music Forum. Here, over a period of two to three days, they consider topical issues in the following areas: music; musical education, communication and outreach; and the role which music plays in present-day society, and will play in the society of the future.


By gathering people together in this novel setting, the Neuro Music Academy aims to encourage fruitful discussion and debate, informed and guided by neuroscientific knowledge.
Each Forum has one over-arching theme. Experts from various disciplines convene with other Forum participants to consider the theme in question.
The morning sessions are theory-based, and provide participants with insights that will give them a deeper and more connected understanding of the current topic. Afternoons are devoted to practical workshops.

The Neuro Music Forum operates in an integrated, interdisciplinary fashion. It always considers issues of mental and physical well-being, and constantly refers to the neuroscientific perspective. Music is not only seen in terms of its artistic potential; it is also viewed as a social form of expression, and as part of human life.
Participants have the option of attending the Neuro Music Forum for its full duration or visiting for specific days.



The Neuro Campus Hotel Das Morgen is located in Vitznau, on the shores of Lake Lucerne and at the foot of Mount Rigi. The hotel’s excellent facilities and its marvellous setting offer a remarkable learning experience in a wonderful and inspiring landscape.